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1. Approval:
All room bookings are subject to approval by the Loudwater Estate Ltd Management and subject to Loudwater Farm not using the premises. The nature of the group and the content of the event or meetings must be acceptable to the Management Committee on behalf of Loudwater Estate Ltd Directors. Loudwater Farm reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, group or organisation whose event is not in keeping with the ethos and objectives of the Centre.

2. Booking Procedure and Payment of Charges:
a) This online Booking Form is a Hire Agreement and commitment on behalf of the hirer to use and pay for the room(s) booked unless it is specifically stated as a provisional booking. Any booking made via telephone, in person or by email must still be confirmed using this online Hire Agreement Form, including full payment of any required booking deposit before it can be considered a confirmed booking (unless it is a regular or repeat booking).
b) Provisional bookings must be confirmed at least 21 days prior to the date of hire or they may be cancelled.
c) For larger events, a NON-REFUNDABLE booking deposit is due to confirm the reservation. Without the completed payment of a booking deposit we reserve the right to cancel your booking.
d) This Hire Agreement Form must be completed in full and the box checked before hiring the Centre for any purpose. Repeat or regular users of Loudwater Farm will be asked to complete this Hire Agreement Form once, before the start of their first hire session, which will cover all subsequent hire sessions, unless the conditions of hire change in which case the hirer will be asked to fill out the Hire Agreement Form again.
e) The time that has been booked must include any setting up and packing away time.
f) Full Payment is due in advance of any room hire.
g) A damages deposit may be required for adult functions or any larger events where accidental damage is likely. All or part of this deposit may be withheld by Loudwater Farm at its absolute discretion in the event of damage being caused to the buildings and/or any furniture, fittings and/or equipment by the hirer, accidental or otherwise.
h) Loudwater Farm does not grant exclusive room or building use to any hirer outside of the agreed hire times as stated in the booking contract.
i) Fees and room hire prices are reviewed annually. All quoted hire charges for confirmed bookings will be honoured for confirmed bookings taking place within three months of the date of any new hire rates coming into effect.
j) Bookings taken at short notice may be invoiced for in arrears.
k) All hirers for continuous or regular bookings must still renew their bookings in writing or via email to ensure availability of space. ALL room bookings are treated on a first come first served basis and it is not Loudwater Farm’s responsibility to instigate reservations on behalf of any hirer.

3. Cancellation by the Hirer:
For cancellations made prior to 14 days before the date of hire, any hire fee prepayment will be returned in full, except in the case where a booking deposit has been taken, in which case the hire fee will be refunded, but the non refundable booking deposit will be retained. Notice of cancellation given within 14 days or less shall be charged at the full hire fee. When hiring rooms at short notice (ie: within 7 days), the cancellation time is 48 hours notice, otherwise the room hire fee must be paid in full.

4. Cancellation by the Loudwater Farm Centre:
Loudwater Farm will accept the booking on the basis of the information supplied by the Hirer.
a) Should any of the information as to proposed use, maximum numbers of people or any relevant factor which was taken into account by Loudwater Farm in considering the application for hire, be found not to be correct in all respects, then Loudwater Farm reserves the right to cancel the booking.
b) If for reasons beyond the Centre’s control, Loudwater Farm is unable to provide the facilities on the hire date, Loudwater Farm shall cancel the booking, all hire charges shall be refunded, and that shall be the full extent of Loudwater Farm's liability.
c) Bookings will be cancelled if the hirer continually disregards the Conditions of Use and Hire or the reasonable requests of the Centre relating to any such issues.
d) Bookings will be cancelled where the hirer has outstanding unpaid invoices of more than 60 days.
e) Loudwater Farm reserves the right to cancel any event due to unforeseen circumstances, giving as much notice to the Hirer as is duly possible.

5. Publicity:
Any publicity issued by groups for meetings held at Loudwater Farm must make clear that the meeting is not held under the auspices Loudwater Estate Ltd. In all correspondence, advertising, and publicity, users must refer to the venue as Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, Rickmansworth, WD3 4HG.

6. General Responsibilities:
The hirer must not sub-let rooms, and is responsible for ensuring that activities of room users are lawful, and also do not endanger the occupants, the premises or its contents. Any damage caused by room users to the fabric or furniture of the building, and any breakages will be deducted from the damages deposit. The cost of making good any damage caused by a breach of the Conditions for Use and Hire shall be determined by Loudwater Estate Ltd, whose decision shall be final and such costs shall be payable by the Hirer within 14 days of being sent a written demand for payment.

7. Room Hire Times:
Hirers must only make use of the rooms during the times booked. In particular rooms must be vacated completely by the stated finishing time, otherwise extra charges will be levied.

8. Liability:
Loudwater Estate Ltd has Public Liability Insurance to cover damages, costs and expenses due to negligence in carrying out its activities. However, we accept no responsibility for accidents to room users, either in the building or its grounds, caused by their own negligence, failure to use equipment properly, or arising from use of equipment, utensils, etc by inappropriate people. It is the hirer’s responsibility to carry out their own H&S risk assessments for the activity they propose to carry out, and for the mix of people they propose to bring to the building. The Hirer indemnifies Loudwater Estate Ltd, its officers and agents against any claim or proceedings that may arise out of the hiring or occupation. We also accept no responsibility for the personal security of room users, or for any loss of, or damage to room users' personal possessions, within all areas of the premises. We in addition do not accept responsibility for consequential loss, such as loss of business.

9. Behaviour:
Room users are asked to show respect for other room users. In particular offensive behaviour and excessive noise are not allowed, and room users violating this may be asked to leave. If this should arise full payment for room hire must still be made. Noise: We enforce a strict low noise level policy at Loudwater Farm due to the close proximity of adjoining residents. If hiring the Chess Hall, all amplified music, live or otherwise, will be subject to management approval and must be turned off at 11.00pm and the building fully vacated by midnight. Amplified music is ONLY permitted in the Chess Hall. Groups must take full responsibility for the behaviour of all people they admit to their meetings or events, including members of the public. All users should ensure that they follow guidelines, restrictions or instructions given, either verbally or in writing when using Loudwater Farm and in all areas of the premises.

10. Condition of Rooms:
Hirers are responsible for seeing that rooms are left in a clean condition, and with furniture arranged as they found it. We reserve the right to charge users for cleaning if the room(s) they have used require more cleaning than would reasonably be expected following normal use. Posters, flyers, notices and adverts are not allowed to be pinned or placed on the walls, unless it has been checked first with the Management. Any concerns must be reported to the General Manager on entry, and not on leaving.

11. Public Performances:
Loudwater Farm is not licensed for public performances. Therefore all room users who perform to the public must submit to us any details of their performance, which may be required by the Performing Rights Society (e.g. programmes of concerts, net receipts, attendance, etc.) and must undertake to pay any royalties due to the Performing Rights Society as a result of their performance. If any permissions are required by the Local Authority for performances, then the performers must be able to show evidence that they have obtained that permission.

12. Exclusivity:
Loudwater Farm may offer exclusive hire of the Chess Hall, Sanctuary Hall, Barn, Forge or Meeting Rooms, however exclusivity cannot be granted for shared spaces such as the kitchen, lounge and grounds.

13. Alcohol:
Moderate alcohol consumption is permitted. Loudwater Farm is not a licensed premise and therefore the sale of alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

14. Food:
Preparation of food for sale or consumption must comply with Food Hygiene Regulations.

15. Safety:
Hirers shall be responsible for the safety of all persons taking part in their activities when using the Centre. Where necessary it is the Hirer’s responsibility to be covered by Public Liability Insurance. Organisers of meetings/activities are responsible for making themselves familiar with our Fire Action Plan and procedures in case of fire and are responsible for those they bring into the building. Event organisers are responsible for ensuring users do not obstruct any fire exits or passageways with furniture, equipment, etc. The main farmhouse First Aid box is located in the main kitchen, and the Barn First Aid Box is located in the Barn kitchen. All injuries must be logged in the Accident Book which can be found in the main kitchen next to the First Aid Box. All hirers should be aware that Loudwater Farm consists of a complex of old buildings, some at different levels with steps and uneven floors etc. All users of the Centre are responsible for supervising the conduct of all children or other vulnerable persons in their care or company. Children: Children under sixteen years of age must be supervised at all times and are the liability of their supervisors. Please be aware that the River Chess is easily accessible and poses a risk to small children in the grounds.

16. Fire Safety:
Smoking is not permitted in any building. No candles are allowed inside the building at any time. No insence is permitted in the rooms, and no fireworks or Chinese fire lanterns are permitted anywhere on site.

17. Keys:
Overnight guests are required to pay £15 to replace a lost or damaged room key.

18. Parking:
Visitors using the Barn, the Forge, Room 5 and the Garden Room, please use the Upper Car Park. All other visitors may use the main Lower Car Park.

19. Grounds, Barn and Forge:
Please do not leave any rubbish behind in the grounds and respect the plant life. Please be aware that the River Chess circles the grounds and could pose a danger to small children. Please note that the Barn is an unheated building, and therefore any heating charges will be added to the general hire fee, except in the case of larger events such as: private functions, childrens' parties and catered events, whereby the heating charge will be included in the hire cost. Please note that no amplified music is allowed either in the Barn, the Forge or in the grounds and that all events taking place in the main halls using amplified music must finish by 11.00pm due to the close proximity of our neighbours.

20. Dogs:
No dogs are allowed in either Loudwater Farm buildings or grounds, except the outside area of the upper car park, where they must be looked after at all times.

21. Capacities: The Sanctuary Hall and Meadow Room have a maximum capacity of 80 people. The Chess Hall and kitchen together can hold a maximum of 100 people, and the Barn holds a maximum of 80 people seated, or 100 people standing. Please note we do not allow more than 100 people on the premises at any one time.

22. Contract:
This Hire Agreement Booking Form is a legally binding contract. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach of this contract, shall be settled by binding internet arbitration at in accordance with the arbitration agreement. The arbitrator's decision shall be final and legally binding and judgment may be entered thereon.

Updated: 2nd May 2015

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a regular or repeat user of Loudwater Farm, we will ask you to complete this Hire Agreement Booking Form once, prior to your first hire, so that all future hire occasions shall also be covered by this hire agreement made to the above Terms & Conditions.

These Terms & Conditions are periodically updated/amended.  We therefore recommend that you print out and keep a completed, signed copy for your records.

Loudwater Estate Limited, Company Number: 8299888 Registered Office: Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 4HG